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Upcoming Events
  • Day Student Registration: Aug. 14
  • Registration Day: Aug. 17
  • 1st Day of School: Aug. 18
  • SA Weekend: Aug. 22-23
  • Senior Survival: Aug. 29-31
  • Class Elections : Aug. 30
  • Boys'/Girls' Club Elections: Aug. 31
  • Ozark 5K Road Race: 5:30 pm, Sep. 3
  • SA Olympics: Sep. 6 & 7
  • Day of School: Sunday, Sep. 7
  • Mid-Quarter Ends: Sep. 12
  • Boys'/Girls' Club Campouts: Sep. 12-14
  • ACT Testing: Sep. 14
  • Career Assembly: 11:35 am, Sep. 15
  • SWAU Leadership Camp: Sep. 18-21
  • Week of Prayer: Sep. 22-27
  • Iowa Assessments: Sep. 22-25
  • Day of School: Sunday, Sep. 28
  • Fall Break: Oct. 2- 12
  • SAT Testing (dorms closed): Oct. 12

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Ozark Adventist Academy

School Supply List

July 15

All students will need general supplies such as notebook paper, pens, pencils, etc. A flash drive is recommended for storing assignments. Classes are listed by grade level. Some transfer students may be taking classes in levels other than their grade level.

School Supply List

Testing Information

Throughout the school year, various standardized tests are given to students. Depending on the grade, different tests are either required or encouraged. Check out the Testing Information page for a a brief summary of tests.

For more information contact Sara McGuire, Testing Coordinator.

Graduation Weekend

May 23-24

Congratulations to the class of 2014! Our prayer is that you will always look Up and remain committed to the Master Painter, letting Him complete the good work He has begun in your life.


Archived video of Consecration, Baccalaureatte, and Commencement.

Admissions Procedure

New students begin the application process by completing and returning the Admissions Packet. Admitted students will then need to submit the remaining Registration Packet, W-4 and I-9.

If you have a recent version of Adobe Reader you may complete these forms online then sign and return them by mail, fax: (479) 736-2224 or e-mail:

Procedures for Financial Plan

In order to prepare a financial plan for this coming school year we are requesting all parents/ guardians (including returning students) complete a Financial Information form. Information requested includes whether or not you are requesting financial aid, applying for the matching scholarship, paying in full, or if you have any other scholarship to apply to the financial plan. We hope this form will streamline the process to get the financial plans ready for the next year.

We will not be able to prepare a financial plan for the new school year if we have not received the balance on your account for the previous year. If you have a questions please contact Bette Rudig at (479) 736-2221.

New Vaccination Requirements

For all students, effective fall of 2014, the Arkansas Board of Health requires that all students be vaccinated with the Meningococcal Vaccine (Menactra) and either 2 Chickenpox (Varicella) vaccinations or documentation of actual Chicken Pox disease. Your medical provider will determine your child's vaccination status but please advise your provider of the Arkansas requirements. Current immunizations status will be required at registration.

Required CDC Menactra Vaccination (MCV4) Guidelines:

  • If Administered before age 11 through 12 years; a booster dose is due at age 16 years.
  • If first dose is administered at age 13 through 15 years, a booster dose should be administered between ages 16 through 18 years with a minimum interval of at least 8 weeks after the preceding dose for college entrance. If this is your child's situation only 1 shot will be required for high school. A booster will be required for college.
  • If the first dose is administered at age 16 years or older, a booster dose is not needed.

Consent to Treat form must be notarized for all students (returning & new).

Modifications to Dress Code

There have been some changes to the classroom dress code. Below are excerpts from the new dress code policy. For the complete dress code, please refer to the student handbook.

The purpose of the dress code is to promote a positive academic atmosphere, establish clear guidelines and promote dress standards that are pleasing to God and glorifying to the name of Jesus Christ. Anything related to dress code or grooming that may cause a distraction to the learning environment or is not reflective of Ozark Adventist Academy’s mission or core values may be considered inappropriate.

Classroom Attire

All Clothing must be modest, clean, and covering well (no shear or see through). Attire cannot be oversized or too tight. Any manufacturer or other brand logo or lettering on clothing must be no larger that pocket size, regardless of the location.

• Shirts/Tops – All shirts/tops must be collared, (fold over collar) sleeved and of a polo or button down style.

• Sweaters (either pullover or cardigans) are allowed in the classroom with a collared shirt.

• Sweatshirts and hoodies (pullovers) are not allowed in the classroom.

• Coats and jackets (outerware that zips or buttons) are allowed in the classroom. Any manufacturer or other brand logo or letter must be no larger than pocket size, regardless of the location.

Thursday Pictures

Thursday Pictures

May 22

Pictures from around campus on Thursday evening.

Science Equipment

Science Equipment Donation

May 13

Generous donations have enabled Ozark's science department to be updated and enhanced. Thanks to generous supporters of Christian education, we have been able to purchase new digital sensors, equipment and supplies to completely upgrade our science department. Our Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Anatomy & Physiology classes will all be able to greatly benefit from these purchases.

Ozark's science teachers, Mrs. Pendergrass, Mr. McHenry and Mr. Fisher are excited to be able to fully integrate the new equipment and labs for the 2014-2015 school year.

Awards Assembly

Awards Assembly

May 12 & 13

Recognition and awards were given to Ozark students the past two days during the Awards Assembly. Congratulations students on honors earned.

Mother Daughter Brunch

Mother/Daughter Brunch

May 11

On Sunday morning of Mothers' Day, Ozark girls and their mothers enjoyed a brunch together arranged by the girls' dorm.

Talent Show

SA Talent Show

May 11

Sunday evening found Ozark students displaying their talent in the Student Association Talent Show. Congratulations to all who participated. Great job!

Music Concert

Spring Music Concert

May 10

Ozark's music department, under the direction of Rob Knipple, had their end-of-year music concert this Saturday night.

Jr/Sr Banquet

Junior/Senior Banquet

May 4

The Junior and Senior classes enjoyed a formal evening at The Garden Room in Fayetteville.

Spring Music Tour

Spring Music Tour

May 1-3

Ozark's Music Department under the direction of Mr. Knipple toured to Springfield, Columbia and St. Louis Missouri. Band, Bells and Royalaires all participated.

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