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Upcoming Events
  • SWAU Basketball Tournament: Jan. 28-31
  • Day of School (B-day): Feb. 1
  • Winter Break: Feb. 3-8
  • ACT Testing (dorms closed): Feb. 8
  • Skyhawks at Cave Springs: Feb. 10
  • Talent Show Auditions: Feb. 11
  • SWAU Music Festival: Feb. 12-16
  • Skyhawks at Fayetteville: Feb. 17
  • Final Talent Show Auditions: Feb. 18
  • Young Alumni Weekend: Feb. 20-21
  • Skyhawks vs Young Alumni: Feb. 21
  • SA Banquet & Talent Show: Feb. 22
  • Career Assembly: Feb. 23
  • SWAU Financial Aid Seminar: Feb. 25
  • Gymnastics Tour: Feb. 25-28
  • Music Tour: Feb. 26-28

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Ozark Adventist Academy

Young Alumni Weekend

February 20-21

Alumni from the graduating classes of 2010-2014 are encouraged to join us for a great weekend of friendship, worship and basketball! Make plans to come for all the weekend programs: Friday evening vespers, Sabbath morning Sabbath School & Church and the Alumni vs Skyhawks basketball games Saturday night.

Skyhawks vs Ambassadors

January 20

Ozark Skyhawks basketball vs Ambassadors for Christ.

Ozark Hoops Festival

January 17-18

Ozark welcomed elementary basketball teams on our campus this weekend.

Band at Church

January 17

Ozark's band playing at church during Hoops Festival Weekend.

Food Drive Success!

January 15

Thank you to everyone who donated for the food drive sponsored by the Skyhawks. They were able to take almost 700 pounds of food to the NWA Food Bank!

Cafeteria Improvement

January 13

New steel trusses are being added to the entrance of the cafeteria in order to expand the area covered with a roof.

Skyhawks vs Cave Springs

January 10

Ozark Skyhawks basketball vs Cave Springs, OK.

Thursday Pictures

January 8

Pictures frorm around campus on Thursday.


Volleyball Instramurals

January 8

Ozark's intramural volleyball teams have been selected and the schedule is posted.

Teams & Schedule

Skyhawks vs Lifeway

January 6

Ozark Skyhawks basketball vs Lifeway Christian.

Aerialaires 2nd Semester

January 6

The 2nd semester gymnastics dates are here.

Spring Dates

Financial Aid Seminar

February 25, 2015

6:00 pm in the OAA Auditorium

Southwestern Adventist University will be talking about how to fill out your FAFSA, apply for online scholarships, how to apply for loans, private and federal. What you can do now to get higher academic scholarships, and when everything needs to turned in.
Everything you need to know about finances for college next fall!

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