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Ozark Adventist Academy provides a safe learning environment, in which students come to discover a love for God, respect for self, and the skills for fulfilled Christian living.
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Sports Day

February 25, 2021

Thursday was "Sports Day" during our Student Association Spirit Week. SA voted Tristan G and Butter L, Kimberly A, and Hannah H, as "Thursday's Best Dressed." SA also voted Ms. Simmons, Dean Neri, and Mr. Burton as "Thursday's Best Dressed Faculty."

Sports Day Photos

Twin Day

February 24, 2021

Wednesday was twin day. The Student Association chose Camden M and Andrew C, Chelsey M and Shikina G, and Chisara U, Ugochi N, and Marithe K, as "Wednesday's Best Dressed." SA also chose Ms. Simmons and Dean Neri, Mrs. Pendergrass, Mrs. Wagner, and Ms. Bazzy, and Micha and Mechee C as "Wednesday's Best Dressed Faculty."

Twin Day Photos

Career Day

February 23, 2021

It seemed almost everywhere you looked there was another one. In the classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the gym, there were students dressed in khaki pants and blue shirts like Ozark's own Mr. Fetters, even Mr. Harris was dressed in khaki and blue. Tuesday, February 23, was career day during SA's spirit week and many students came dressed as one of our math and science teachers. We also had quite a few nurses like "Nurse Shelly" and "Nurse Belly," and even an artist with a bit of paint splashed here and there. Ozark's SA Officers voted Marithe K, Angie C, and Keren Q, as "Tuesday's Best Dressed." They also voted Dean Neri (dressed as a flight attendant) as "Tuesday's Best Dressed Faculty."

Career Day Photos

Crazy Hair and Mismatch Day

February 22, 2021

Monday, February 22, started SA Spirit Week. Monday was Crazy Hair/Mismatch day. Ozark's SA Officers voted CJ F, Thien-Ai L, and Paige H, as "Monday's Best Dressed." They also voted Mrs. Pendergrass, Ms. Simmons, Dean Neri, and Dean Griff "Monday's Best Dressed Faculty."

Crazy Hair/Mismatch Day Photos

Cold and Snowy Weather

February 15, 2021

One of our faculty members said it was three or four degrees outside when he went to breakfast in the cafeteria on Monday morning. Because of the cold weather and snow we are experiencing in Gentry, OAA classes will remain virtual through Friday, February 19th. Photo Credit: Donald U.


This Week Around Campus

February 11, 2021

This week many Ozark students were in the cafeteria on Sunday night enjoying Domino's pizza, chips, snacks, donuts, and the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the big screen. There was even a little Karoake at half-time.


Christmas in February

February 6, 2021

On Saturday night, February 6, 2021, the Christmas concert OAA students missed at the end of first semester took place in the OAA auditorium. The concert was live streamed on our Facebook page. All of our students did a great job! The concert is archived and available to view on Facebook HERE.

This Week Around Campus

February 4, 2021

From the Student Association's "Jeparody" game on Saturday night, to Wednesday's class flag reveal, photos from around campus this week (except for one of the photos). An archived video of the class flag reveal is also available on our Facebook page.


Notes from Mile High

February 3, 2021

We feel so blessed to have received a box filled with love and stuffed with prayer from the students at Mile High Academy. Their hearts were touched by the recent loss of our beloved principal, Mike Dale, and we received handmade cards and notes from the students. Mrs. Dale thought the cards were "so sweet" and they are now on display in our business office to cheer and encourage our students and staff. Thank you Mile High Academy!


10 Days of Prayer

January 18-29, 2021

Ozark's "10 Days of Prayer" was a series of ten meetings planned by our Campus Ministries department. Each night a different staff member and OAA student spoke to our student body on a variety of spiritual subjects. These meetings were live streamed on our Facebook page. The final meeting on Friday evening, January 29th, also included music by OAA's handbells and string ensemble, a special candle lit communion service, and testimonies by many of our students. The meetings are archived and available to view HERE.

This Week Around Campus

January 22, 2021

Photos from around campus this week.


This Week Around Campus

January 14, 2021

Second semester classes resumed on Monday, January 11th. We are glad to have our students back on campus and their laughter filling our hallways and classrooms again.


This is Not Goodbye

January 13, 2020

A special service honoring the life of Ozark Adventist Academy's principal, Mike Dale, was held in OAA's Auditorium on Wednesday, January 13th. This service was live streamed and is now archived on our FACEBOOK page and is available to view.

December 20, 2020

It happened every Wednesday. If you passed through Ozark's business office at the right time, you could hear Pastor Mercer's footsteps as he slipped into Mike Dale's office and closed the door behind him. They were prayer partners, Mike Dale and Rick Mercer. Week after week, and Wednesday after Wednesday, their heartfelt prayers for our students and staff ascended heavenward, presenting this student's case and that one before the Lord. How many students' hearts were touched for God's kingdom as a result of those Wednesday meetings, we will never know until we stand on the other side of the great divide and look back with the vision only God can give.
Not just in his prayer life but in every area of his life, Mike Dale sought to uplift our campus and our students. On December 20th, Mike Dale, Ozark Adventist Academy's principal, fell asleep in Christ. And as our hearts mourn his passing, we know his prayers and his influence on our campus have not passed away. And we are looking forward to the rapidly approaching day when we shall see him again standing in God's kingdom. Standing again with the students and staff he worked for, he prayed for, and loved so deeply. And it will be then that we will be able to see that truly "the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Those who would like to share their best memories of Mike with his family and friends may write a short note via the link below.

Celebrating the Life of Mike Dale

An Ozark Adventist Academy scholarship fund has been set up to honor Mike Dale's commitment to educating young people for God. Those wishing to contribute may do so via the link below or mail their checks to 20997 Dawn Hill East Road, Gentry, AR, 72734.

Mike Dale Scholarship

An archived video of Mr. Dale's funeral service is available at the following link.

Funeral Service

This Week Around Campus

November 13, 2020

From Anatomy and Physiology to Percussion, photos from around campus this week.


This Week Around Campus

November 6, 2020

Campus Ministries planned a Sabbath (Oct. 31) filled with activities. There was horseback riding, a rope swing, church in the pavilion, smores around a bonfire, scripture messages in biodegradable balloons, hotdogs, a chili cook-off, Mr. Baldridge's caramel apples, and a hay ride (Thank you Zoey J. for sharing a photo).


This Week Around Campus

October 30, 2020

We have had a lot of wet and drippy weather this week but there are still a few bright spots on campus. We have new furniture in the Administration Building lobby. The new chairs and tables were donated by the Class of 2019 and several other anonymous donors. Another generous donation provided new carpeting for the boy's dorm. The new carpet has already been installed in the chapel and several hallways. Also this week, Ms. Bazzy's English III classes have started making presentations about different literary works and Mrs. Pendergrass shared some science lab photos.


Fall Picnic

October 23, 2020

This was a new event this year. Ozark's Student Association planned Thursday's picnic and filled the hours with games, food, and friends. The activities included a pumpkin painting contest, a kubb tournament, 3 man basketball, volleyball, single and doubles tennis, corn hole, earth ball, three-man slingshot, and a jump rope competition.


Covid-19 Guidelines

Ozark Adventist Academy has developed Covid-19 guidelines for the 2020-2021 school year. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our students and staff members. Our plan is based on recommendations from the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. We will continue to monitor the situation and as recommendations from the ADH and CDC change regarding the pandemic, our guidelines will be updated to meet current best practices.

Covid-19 Guidelines

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