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Online Payments

To help cover the costs of uniforms and travel expenses, there are additional fees for students involved in gymnastics, junior-varsity, and varsity team sports. These fees may be paid online via the links below.

Varsity Payments - you may make varsity and junior-varsity payments online.

Gymnastics Payments - You may make Aerialaires payments online.

2018-2019 Game Highlights

For questions regarding Ozark Adventist Academy's athletic program please contact David Esquer or Cole Hagele.

Intramural Sports


He was a little slower than the others, his shots rarely went in the basket, and even on an intramural court, he didn't display much athletic ability. Then I saw him, one of Ozark's most talented varsity basketball players. He walked up to this young man and with a grin and some quick words of encouragement, brought a smile that didn't quickly fade away. At Ozark Adventist Academy our athletic program is not just about winning and losing. It's about instilling in each student-athlete Christian character. That on any court, and wherever God shall call them, they will be a blessing and encouragement to others.

Ozark Adventist Academy offers female students the opportunity to try out for our Lady Skyhawks Varsity and Junior-Varsity Basketball teams as well as our Lady Skyhawks Varsity Volleyball team. Male students may try out for our Skyhawks Varsity and Junior-Varsity Basketball teams. All student may try out for our co-ed Skyhawks Varsity Soccer team.

We encourage all of our students to take the opportunity to be involved with our intramural athletic program. We offer soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball and flagball (football) teams.

Lady Skyhawks @ Thaden

Varsity Volleyball

A glimpse inside the Lady Skyhawks 3-2 win over Thaden on Monday, September 23, 2019 in Bentonville, Arkansas.


Aerialaires Gymnastics

We've all seen that smile before, the one that almost reaches from ear to ear. He was probably ten or twelve years old and I saw him standing over against the back wall of the gymnasium. It wasn't just his smile that caught my eye, but the excitement in his voice as he informed anyone who was listening that he was going to be a gymnast. It is no wonder this young man wanted to be a gymnast after watching Ozark's Aerialaires Gymnastics Team perform on their spring tour in Oklahoma. From doing a flip off the shoulders of a teammate who also stood on the shoulders of another teammate, to team members flying 20 or 30 feet in the air, Ozark's gymnastics team is breath-taking to watch.

The photo gallery below contains a peek into some of their performances. More information about the Aerialaires Gymnastics Team is available HERE.

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