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Ozark Adventist Academy provides a safe learning environment, in which students come to discover a love for God, respect for self, and the skills for fulfilled Christian living.
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Ozark Adventist Academy knows that the cost of a Christian education can seem overwhelming. Regardless of your financial situation we will make every effort to make an education from Ozark possible. There must be a balanced financial plan for the current school year and the account must be kept current. Parents are responsible for any variation in the budget listed in the financial agreement. The account must be paid before a diploma, transcript or transfer grades will be issued.

The account for the applicant or applicant’s siblings for previous years at Ozark Adventist Academy must be paid before the student may enter school for the current school year.

Ozark Adventist Academy has a work program in a variety of areas. Students may earn approximately $2,500 during the school year. The amount can vary due to class schedule, student's motivation, and extra-curricular activities.

Again, if you have the desire for your student to attend Ozark, please give us a chance to design a monthly payment plan to fit your budget. If you have any questions or would like to arrange to visit the academy, please call 479-736-2221.

Discounts, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Early Down Payment Discount

Ozark Adventist Academy offers an early down payment discount. Dorm students can save up to $223.00 and day students can save up to $160.00. If Ozark Adventist Academy receives a student's $500 registration fee plus the first month's tuition fees by July 15th, parents can save 5 to 10 percent off these fees depending on the type of payment. To qualify for the discount a student's account must have a zero or credit balance. More detailed information is outlined below. 

Pay by Check, Cash or ACH - 10% Discount

Dorm Student $2,230 - $223.00 Disc = $2,007.00 

Day Student    $1600 - $160.00 Disc = $1,440.00 

Pay by Credit or Debit Card - 5% Discount 

Dorm Student $2,230 - $111.50 Disc = $2,118.50 

Day Student   $1,600 - $80.00 Disc = $1,520.00

Financial Aid 

Financial aid requests are processed as part of the admissions procedure.


Matching Scholarship Plan

Frequently a student's home church will participate by financially sponsoring him or her. Ozark will match the church's contributions up to $750 for dorm students and $500 for day students for the school year. For those students residing in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, the Conference will also match the church's contributions up to $750 for dorm students and $500 for day students. These contributions or payment arrangments should be made to Ozark Adventist Academy by October 1st.

Matching Scholarship Form

Work Sponsorship Program

Students can increase their hourly wage by recruiting their own work sponsors. Sponsors can contribute either a one-time donation, flat monthly amount, or an hourly amount.

Work Sponsorship Form

Tuition & Fees 2022-2023


Our flat rate covers tuition, dorm and cafeteria fees for dorm students, entrance fee, one instrument rental, lab fees, recreation fee, student accident insurance, workers' compensation insurance, class dues, textbook rental, chromebook rental and noon meal on school days for day students.

Regular Dorm Student: $17,800
Regular Day Student: $11,500
International Students: $20,900
International Day Student: $14,600

Each student must pay a $500 non-refundable entrance fee at or before registration. It is also recommended that each student make a down payment equal to one month of tuition ($1,100). If the student is a dorm student one month's room and board should be added as well ($630). 

An individualized payment plan will be created for the remaining amount. Families may choose a 9-, 10-, or 11-month payment plan. All payment plans need to be completed by August 10 of the following year.

Payment Methods

There are two methods of payment for your child’s education at OAA. We will assist you to determine which method of payment would be best for you.

  • The first method of payment is payment in full. A 5% discount will be awarded for paying a school year in advance (3% for a semester). Payments made by credit card or debit card will not receive this discount.  Students receiving financial aid are not eligible for this discount.
  • The second method of payment is to enroll in a monthly payment plan for monthly automated payments (ACH).  Payments made by credit or debit card will have an additional processing fee.

Monthly Payment Plan

Make a Payment

Additional Fees

Depending on the student’s interests and classes, some additional expenses can be expected. They may include:

Private Music Lessons As arranged with teacher.
Doctor's Fees & Prescriptions Charged directly to parent by provider.
Music Apparel Varies
Private Dorm Room $100/mo. (Students receiving financial aid are not eligible for a private room.)
Day Student to Stay in Dorm $10/night.
Athletic Uniform Varies

Transportion per Trip
(medical etc.)

Gentry $5
Siloam Springs $10
NW Arkansas Airport (XNA) $20
Fayetteville/Rogers $30
Tulsa $85
Touring organizations may have other fees depending on uniforms, clinics and other special tours.

Any transportation charges or other extra charges are payable directly to the school. These are not included in your regular payment plan amount.

International Students

OAA is happy to welcome international students who are interested in a Christian education and who understand the unique mission of our school; however, we have a limited number of places open to international students. Refunds are only permitted for serious illness when it is the attending physician’s opinion that the student should return home. Refunds are not available for other reasons, including disciplinary withdrawals.

Ozark Adventist Academy requires that all international students pay the total school fees before an acceptance letter for a student visa may be issued. International students are not eligible for discounts or student aid. English language assessment testing may be required of students in order to determine proper placement in classes. Early payment discounts do not apply.

International Students must provide English translations for all school records, transcripts, immunization and medical records.

Additional Questions

Contact the Business Office
Phone: (479) 736-2221 or Fax: (479) 736-2224

For more detailed information see the Student Handbook.

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