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Ozark Adventist Academy provides a safe learning environment, in which students come to discover a love for God, respect for self, and the skills for fulfilled Christian living.
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Music Festival

Mark Your Calendars!

December 4-7, 2019

5th-10th grade students are invited to the campus of Ozark Adventist Academy for our annual music festival. Students will increase their musical skills, meet new friends, be challenged to grow spiritually, and enjoy the best of Ozark life. Each year Music Festival participants from multiple schools, churches and states, join together to make up the Festival Choir. Whether participants sing in a school choir or just enjoying singing at home and church, the programs and instruction provided during Music Fest will enrich their singing skills and appreciation for music.

After practice sessions during the week, the Festival will have an unforgettable concert for the community on Saturday afternoon. The Ozark Festival Choir, Festival Strings and OAA Choir, Concert Band, and String Ensemble will join together for a wonderful afternoon of Holiday music.

2019 Music Fest Schedule


Because we want your students and children to grow musically and spiritually from the Music Festival, we are making every attempt to keep your costs low for the Festival. In addition to buying the required music, there will be a $30 per student participation fee. The $30 fee covers food, lodging and a t-shirt. Additionally, each festival participant will receive a $250 scholarship towards their tuition at Ozark Adventist Academy.


The uniform for the festival concert is black dress pants/ankle-length skirts and a white top. Gentlemen and ladies are allowed to wear ankle-length black dress pants.The white top needs to be a collared shirt for gentlemen. A tie/bowtie is appropriate but is not required. Please also plan to pack formal/semi-formal black shoes and socks.

Packing for Music Fest

A list of what to bring to Music Fest is available HERE.

String Players

If you are an advanced string player (violin, viola, cello, bass) interested in participating at the festival in a non-choral capacity please indicate as such in your registration so we can get the music to you as soon as possible.

Festival Repertoire & How to Purchase

All music for the festival is available for order through JWPepper (

We have strived to make the music as simple to acquire as possible. Included with the individual links you will see a designation for eprinting the music which allows you to receive the music immediately after ordering it so the rehearsal process can begin right away. Please note those pieces that are not available for eprint. Also check the designations for voicing (2-part vs. SATB) to ensure that you order the precise piece that is required. One selection is dependent on the voicing we get at the festival. If we have louder boys attending then "Keep Your Lamps!" will be SATB. Otherwise we will stick with SSA. "Just a Single Voice" has multiple solo opportunities in it so please take a few moments to work with interested students on those solos.

Ultimately the goal of this festival is to liven the musical experience of each student who attends and instill in them a greater appreciation for the talents God has given them as well as enjoying the camaraderie of working with fellow peers towards a common goal.

Ordering Links

"When You Believe" arranged by Audrey Snyder & John Moss (2-part/no eprint)

"All On a Silent Night" arranged by Becki Slagle Mayo (2-part/available for eprint)

"Just a Single Voice" (2-part)

"Come Sing Alleluia" (Unison/2-part)

"Keep Your Lamps!" (SATB or SSA)

You Tube Links

"Keep Your Lamps!" (Unison or SSA)

"Just a Single Voice" (2-part/Solo opportunities)

"All On a Silent Night" (2-part)

"When You Believe" (2-part)

More Information?

If you have questions about bringing your students or children to the Festival, please call Cecilia Simmons at (479) 736-2221 or e-mail her at

Individual Registration

Register as an individual for Ozark's Music Festival. For any questions, please contact Cecilia Simmons,


School/Group Registration

Register as a group for Ozark's Music Festival. For any questions, please contact Cecilia Simmons,


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