Academic Departments

If you have any questions about Ozark Adventist Academy's academics or academic departments, we would like to encourage you to contact us at 479.736.2221 or by email at [email protected].

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OAA offers Computer Science, Computer Applications, and Robotics classes. OAA has a computer lab located on the second floor in the Administration Building. All students are also issued a Chromebook which students keep with them to access some of their assignments, textbooks, and other educational resources.

Jared Hoskinson teaches OAA's computer classes.

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English & Speech

OAA teaches English I through IV for students in grades 9-12. Students in grade 12 have the opportunity to take a dual credit English Composition class offered in conjunction with Southwestern Adventist University. Ozark also offers Speech. This is a one semester class and is typically taken by ninth grade students.

Markie Bazzy and Rachel Esquer teach our English classes. Ryan Gil teaches Speech.

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Fine Arts

Fine arts classes taught at Ozark include classes like Art, Christian Drama, Orchestra, Handbells, Choir, and Praise Team. Private music lessons are also available. The Music Department in located in the lower level of the Administration Building with multiple private practice rooms.

Gabriel Blotor teaches OAA's music classes, Rachel Esquer teaches Art, and Markie Bazzy teaches Christian Drama.

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Foreign Language

Ozark offers Spanish I, Spanish II, and Advanced Spanish classes. Students who have successfully taken Advanced Spanish have the opportunity to receive college credit by successfully passing an AP exam. In addition to learning the language, students can occasionally be found in the kitchen learning about Latin American culture by learning a recipe or two.

Carlos Valencia teaches Ozark Adventist Academy's Spanish classes.

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Mathematics & Physics

Ozark Adventist Academy offers Algebra I and II, Geometry, Physics, and Math of Business and Personal Finance. In conjuction with Southwestern Adventist University, students also have the option of enrolling in dual credit math classes taught by SWAU professors. Students have previously taken College Algebra, Statistics, and Math of Societies.

Harold Stowell teaches OAA's math classes. Ron Krueger teaches Physics.

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PE & Health

Ozark offers PE and Health classes as well as varsity sports for academic credit. Varsity sports include Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, and Gymnastics. In 2022, OAA's Soccer and Volleyball teams are scheduled to attend the Union Tournament, and the Gymnastics team is scheduled to attend Acrofest. The basketball team is scheduled to attend the Hoops Classic Tournament.

Ryan Gil is Ozark Adventist Academy's Athletic Director.

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OAA offers Religion I through Religion IV classes for students in grades 9 - 12. A Christian world view is taught in all of OAA's classes but Religion I through IV offers the opportunity for a more in depth study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Students also meet together for a school-wide Chapel on Wednesdays.

Derek Timms teaches Religion II, III, and IV. Michael Smith teaches Religion I.

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OAA offers Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy & Physiology classes. Students enrolled in Earth Science have the opportunity to go on Creation Tour and visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Biology students have the opportunity to go on a Biology trip rafting down the Mulberry River.

David Grant and Bonnie Pendergrass teach OAA's science classes.

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Social Studies

OAA offers World History, American History, Government, and Economics classes. Students enrolled in American History have the opportunity to visit historical sites on the East Coast during Heritage Tour. Students visit places such as the Statue of Liberty, Plimoth Plantation, and Williamsburg.

Storie Giddings teaches Ozark Adventist Academy's history classes.

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To contact an individual teacher or staff member, check out our faculty-staff page at the link below. Our current faculty and staff members are listed as well as their work email and phone numbers.

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